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How to seek asylum in Canada? Serving the immigrant community in Canada and around the world

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Who is La Casita

How to seek asylum in Canada? You are already in Canada and need assistance? La Casita is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to serving the immigrant community residing in Canada and abroad.


In addition, it serves as a free resource center for individuals planning to immigrate to Canada and that are in need of accurate information on current immigration programs and procedures and in asylum to Canada.

Once our clients arrive in Canada, we provide them with a free translator/guide who accompanies them on various errands, such as looking for an apartment or applying for various government services.

Some of the immigration programs that information is currently being shared on this resource portal include:

  • Fraud warning​

  • Free personal evaluation

  • Programs to live in Canada​

  • Reasons and motives to claiming refuge or asylum in Canada​

  • How to Claim Refugee or Political Asylum in Canada​

  • Applying for asylum in Canada from the US border

  • Roxham Road Information​

  • Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (PTAT)​

  • Canada Tourist and Transit Visa Application​

  • How to request an ETA​

  • Sponsorship Program (family reunification)​

  • Blog on topics of interest

How we started at La Casita

We started as part of a new advocacy movement for newcomers and our ties to the community remain deep and unconditional. We are fully committed to building a vibrant and welcoming support center to provide services that meet the needs of individuals and families in our newcomers community.

As part of our activities, we help those around us feel important, connected and cared for in a community full of certainty. This feeling of belonging is consolidated in compassion and respect for our cultures and shared experiences.​

Our commitment in our community


We amplify the needs of our community to fight for systems, policies, opportunities and services that promote equality and improve the quality of life for all.


We support people to recognize and build on their needs and goals so that they can achieve their goals here in Canada.


We are committed to helping everyone we serve and we embark on the highest standards of honesty, respect, compliance and responsibility. As a result, we achieve our measurable goals for the people and communities we serve.

Some important links

Below are some important links that we think are of great interest if you are already in Canada or planning to move here in the near future.​

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