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How to apply for asylum in Canada at the border with the United States

Want to apply for asylum or refuge at the Canadian border? We can help you. Canada offers protection under refugee and asylum status to foreigners who are at risk in their countries of origin, as long as they meet the requirements established by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.


The application must be submitted at the time of entry into Canadian territory, through any of Canada's land or air ports of entry or at the offices of the Canada Border Services Agency or Canada Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.


The Canadian government takes the time to listen to all asylum and refugee applicants who go through the process when entering the country, both through regular and irregular points. However, people with little preparation or with irrelevant motives are returned to the US or even to their countries of origin.

How Does All This Work

When entering the country without the necessary requirements without having a visa, Border Services personnel must comply with a protocol that includes listening to the applicant's reason, doing an immigration examination, health and security controls, as well as biographical and biometric, to determine that the asylum seeker does not pose a risk to the security of Canada. After checking all those points, the officer decides if the applicant can enter Canada.


The Canadian government recognizes as asylum seekers those who require protection when they have a solid and documented reason that shows that in their country of origin they are in danger of ill-treatment or cruel and unusual punishment or a risk to their lives.

Eligibility Factors To Request Asylum Upon Arrival At The Canadian Border From The USA

  • Have an identity document to verify your personal data.​

  • Have a feasible and strong reason and have the corresponding evidence.​

  • Saying that one had death or extortion threats is not enough. It must be a much more compelling motive.

Wait Time

Generally, the Canadian government takes 12 to 18 months to respond to an asylum application.


During the period in which the process lasts, applicants can obtain the benefits of education, health services and accommodation.

New Regulation

To initiate a refugee claim in Canada across the border, the applicant must now first apply for a personal folio number on the official Canadian government website, before appearing at the border.

Those applicants who appear in the border area to initiate a refugee application in Canada, without first requesting a personal folio number, very likely could be deported to the United States or even to their countries of origin.

Support To Apply for Asylum in Canada By The Border With The United States

If you want to request refuge in Canada through the United States border, due to various factors, we strongly recommend seeking free support from an intermediary or consulting office, before embarking on the trip and the reasons are the following:

1- The consulting office can help you to make your reason credible and eligible and thus, you are not returned to your country.

2- The consulting office can take care of getting your personal folio number so that you can present it to the immigration officer when you cross into Canada.

​3- The consulting office explains in detail how to enter Canada safely so that you are not returned to your country.

4- The consulting office explains what to do and what to say in the event that the officer wants to apply the law of a safe third country.

Although many people prefer to start seeking advice after they have arrived in Canada, we strongly recommend that it is more advisable to seek advice before entering the country, so that when the application is presented at the point of entry of the country, the applicant already has a reason well made and solid.

Free evaluation and support to request refuge across the border

If you plan to apply for asylum in Canada across the border and are already in the US or plan to travel there and then apply across the border and need free counseling before you cross and after you arrive, don't hesitate to contact us. Write us by filling out the questionnaire below and we will get in touch with you.

Free Evaluation

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