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Fraudulent Service Providers To Immigrate To Canada

You are applying for asylum in Canada or to immigrate through any other immigration program? Be careful with those who commit fraud.


We have collected many testimonials on social networks about fraudulent consulting agencies and we have decided to share that list with you so that you can be careful and avoid them. (Pablo Flores is in charge and they are dedicated to fraud) (fraudulent advice run by Alfonso Parra, an unlicensed adviser) (Bad lawyers. They don't follow up and even dump the client before the hearing) (They will take all the money from your credit card) (large network of scammers, we have had more than 55 complaints about them) (Gustavo Lennyn Lopez is the manager and scammer) (Company with little seriousness without physical address) (Total fraud, they charge and do nothing) (they don't have offices and just steal from their customers) (Marco Antonelli and Juliana Antonelli promise employment but it is fraud) (new fraudulent dispatch) (total scam, they take your money and do nothing) (Canada Express is a total fraud) (Daniel Hirschkorn is a pickpocket) (they will ask for your credit card. It's a robbery) (please not to confuse with cicc or ciicc) (Modis Canada inc.) (they do not have a website) (Nexus Networking Worldwide) (this page is also from Gustavo Lennyn Lopez a scammer) (Canadian Visa Experts) (Unscrupulous Argentine based in Canada) ( (Primus Immigration Inc.) (Maple Services Working Together). They don't have a website (Chisca Canada also known as the CITRN) (Petro Canada - Human Resources) (CITRN Immigration Services)​ (Lives In Canada- Unregistered and fraudulent company) (First Consulting Inc.) (Canada En Espanol with offices in Montreal and DF) (Option Canada) (OCC Immigration Services Inc.) (VAC Inc.) (Caledonian Offshore Inc.) (Abroaded Services Inc.)

ViveYTrabajaEnCanada (Living and working in Canada, only through facebook, they are scammers) (Joseh Burchill is the manager and fraudster)


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