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Roxham Road to apply for Asylum

Roxham Road, known as Roxham street or Chemin Roxham for much of its length, is a country road approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) from the former hamlet of Perry Mills in the town of Champlain, New York in the United States, generally north to Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec in Canada.


It seems that many believe that Roxham Road is the only crossing point between the United States and Canada but the reality is not so. There are several border points between the United States and Canada. It's not just across Roxham Road.

New Regulation


To initiate an application for asylum in Canada through one of the border areas, the applicant must now first apply for a folio number on the official website of the Canadian government, before appearing at the border.


Those applicants who appear at the border to initiate a refugee application in Canada, without having a personal folio number, very likely could be deported to the United States or even to their countries of origin.

A little history


Roxham Road has been around since the early 19th century. Before the Canada-United States border was formally established, along the 45th parallel north between St. Lawrence and Connecticut.


For most of its length it is a two-lane rural asphalt; north of Parc Safari, it is also part of Route 202 of the Quebec province.


For most of its history, it was possible to safely cross the border via Roxham Road, as it carried much of the local traffic.


Canada established a small customs station just north of the border; The United States never followed suit, leaving Roxham Road an uncontrolled border crossing, even after Canada closed its customs station in the 1950s.


That ended when Canadian authorities decided, out of concern, that the terrorist killings during the 1972 Munich Olympics could also occur at the upcoming 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, roughly 60 km (37 miles) to the north. of the border, to block the entire uncontrolled land border and crossings between Quebec and New York, as well as the neighboring US state of Vermont.


Since then, Roxham has officially been a direct dead end in both directions on the border.

Support to request refuge in Canada by the border with the United States

If you wish to initiate an application for asylum in Canada through the border with the United States, due to various factors, we recommend that you hire an intermediary or consultancy office before embarking on the trip. The reasons are the following:


1- The consulting office can help you make your refugee reason credible and eligible and thus, you are not returned to your country.

2- The consulting office can take care of getting your personal folio number so that you can present it to the immigration officer when you cross into Canada.


3- The consulting office explains in detail how to enter Canada safely so that you are not returned to your country.


4- The consulting office explains what must be done and what must be said in the event that the officer wants to apply the law of a safe third country.

Although many people prefer to start seeking advice after they have traveled to Canada, we strongly recommend that it is more advisable to seek advice before entering the country, so that when the applicant submits their application at the point of entry into the country, the applicant already has a solid and well-crafted motif.

Request Professional Support

If you want to start an application for asylum in Canada across the border with the United States and you want professional support, please fill out the following questionnaire and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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