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How To Apply For Canada Transit Visa

The transit visa allows you to transit at any Canadian airport for a period of up to 48 hours. During that period of time, you can wait for the arrival of your second flight and travel to your final destination or you can start a refugee or asylum application at an immigration office located within the same airport.

Below we will clarify how to apply for a transit visa, the cost of the process and the documents that you must present:

1- It does not matter if your stay lasts less than 48 hours in Canadian territory, it is mandatory to process the transit visa.

2- You must request it online on the Canadian government platform.

3- You must be attentive to the messages that may arrive once you have created your personal account on the page.

4- In your application, you will have to attach a letter specifying the reasons for your trip and other supporting documents and formats.

5- This type of visa has no administrative costs.

6- With a Canadian transit visa you can leave the airport for a period of no more than 48 hours.

If you plan to travel to Canada for a longer stay, the recommendation will be to process the common tourist visa.

Tourist Visa Or Transit Visa

People who plan to seek refuge in Canada and at the same time have financial solvency, that is, they have a fixed income, either through a job, business and/or retirement and have savings in the bank should consider the visa process. tourist and transit visa.

The case of requesting refuge or asylum at a Canadian airport with a transit visa is a tactic that is used more frequently by those applicants who do not meet the aforementioned requirements.

Some Advantages Of The Transit Visa

This process is quite advantageous as the Canadian government does not charge anything to review the application and issue the transit visa.

The other advantage is that it is not mandatory to have a plane ticket or accommodation since you can apply without having to make reservations.​

Support to request the Canada transit visa

If you plan to submit a transit visa application for Canada, we strongly recommend contacting an intermediary or specialized consulting office to carry out this procedure.

The reason is because this process requires that the applicant receive advice in order to be able to present a well-documented and elaborate visa application.

Because we are only a non-profit organization, we cannot be an intermediary to apply for your Canada transit visa.

However, if you require legal help to process the Canadian transitory visa, we kindly ask you to fill out the following questionnaire so that we can provide you with the information from one of the offices that provide services that we know and are reliable, so that they can contact you. in contact.

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