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How to Apply For a Work Permit For Canada

With this work visa you can work in any company that decides to hire you and that is if you travel to Canada as a temporary worker.


In the case of the international student, you can also obtain a part-time work permit that allows the worker to cover his expenses in Canada.

How to get a work permit for Canada

Below we explain how to get a work permit for Canada from any country (including the United States) because we have noticed that many pages explain this process wrongly.

To obtain a Canadian work permit, you must first apply for employment with Canadian companies. Then it is necessary to obtain a job offer from one of those companies.

Once the job offer is granted, the Canadian work permit must be processed and from there, the worker can travel to Canada to work in the company in which he was hired

Big Inconvenience

The drawback is that the worker or worker must necessarily work with their employer even if the working and salary conditions are not so favorable.


Hence the importance of seeking another type of process to be able to work legally in Canada. We recommend that you apply for the Permanent Residence Visa since with this type of visa, one can work in any type of job and that work permit is open and without restriction. 

How to Process the Permanent Residence Visa

Permanent Residency can be processed from your country of origin, at one of the Canadian embassies or you can travel to Canada as a tourist or transit and start the process while already inside the country

Residence from the United States

Individuals who are in the United States can start the process from the same border. People who do not have status and those who have already requested refuge and are in the process or have already been approved or rejected, they can also do this process from the border.

However, there are certain requirements that must be met in order to process them across the border so that they are not returned.

Support to request a work permit for Canada

If you are interested in more information about this process of obtaining a work permit with permanent residence, please write to us by filling out the following form.

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