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Apply For Canada ETA

Are you planning a trip to Canada and do you have a Mexican or Chilean passport? If so, you can apply for an ETA.

The ETA is a mandatory electronic travel permit for tourist or business trips to Canada, as well as for stopovers in that country. The entire application process for the ETA, which consists simply and only in filling out a short form, is done online.

Your application will then be automatically analyzed by a computerized system and all you have to do is wait for your application to be approved.​

Requirements to apply for an ETA Canada

  • Traveling by plane to Canada.​

  • Stay in Canada for less than six months.​

  • The purpose of the trip is for business or tourism.​

  • Have a valid Mexican or Chilean passport.​

How To Apply For An ETA

The ETA can be easily requested through a format in Spanish. They will ask you for your passport information and some information related to your trip. You will only need a few minutes to fill it out, and you can also add several travelers within the same format to save time.​

Traveling to Canada with children

Are you planning a family vacation with minors in Canada? Everyone traveling to Canada, including children, must have a valid travel permit such as an ETA.


To apply for the ETA, children need to have their own passport. Therefore, one must first obtain a passport for each traveler and only then submit the ETA application.

Minors traveling without (one of) their parents or legal guardians

In that case they have to carry a specific consent signed by both parents or guardians.

Average Approval Time

After filling in the ETA application form and covering the payment, you will receive a confirmation email. This email contains a link to your personal status page where you can check the status of your application at any time.

Most ETA requests are approved within 1-5 days, but in some cases there may be delays, for example due to random checking. You will receive an email once your ETA has been approved.

From that moment, your travel authorization will be digitally linked to your passport and you will be able to plan your trip to Canada.


It is not necessary to print the ETA, as your airline and the Canadian authorities can see from your passport that you have a valid travel permit.​

You can request the ETA online 24 hours a day

You can submit your ETA Canada application anytime 7 days a week. Requests are processed even during weekends and on national holidays.

However, it is advisable to submit the ETA request as far in advance of your trip as possible, as there can always be delays. The ETA is valid for up to 5 years.​

Support to request the ETA of Canada

If you plan to start the Canada ETA, we strongly recommend hiring an intermediary or consultancy office to carry out this procedure.

The reason is because this process is somewhat perplexing and requires you to receive advice in order to be able to apply perfectly and without errors.

If you require legal support to process the ETA, we ask you to please fill out this form so that we can provide you with the information of the various service provider offices that we know and are well known, so that they can get in touch.

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