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Seasonal Farm Workers

The Temporary Agricultural Worker Program (PTAT Program) allows employers in Canada to hire temporary agricultural workers from abroad for a maximum period of 8 months when Canadians and residents of the country are not available.


Among the various tasks listed by the Canadian government, there is the management of agricultural machinery, the collection and evaluation of raw materials, the planting and harvesting of crops, trees and other plants, as well as the care and management of animals in order to obtain animal products for the market.

A person may be eligible for the PTAT as long as they have been recruited by the government of their country of origin, have experience in the agricultural sector, are at least 21 years old, meet the profile required by the employer, and are a citizen of an eligible country, says the Canadian government.

The Participating Countries of the PTAT are:

  • Mexico

  • eel

  • Old and bearded

  • barbados

  • Dominica

  • Grenada

  • Jamaica

  • Montserrat

  • St. Kitts-Nevis

  • St Lucia

  • st vincent

  • Trinidad and Tobago

How To Participate as a Mexican


Each country has its own process for recruiting and selecting workers. In the case of Mexico (the largest supplier of agricultural workers to the PTAT), according to the Mexican government, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in Mexico is the entity in charge of recruiting and selecting workers.

According to the attention center of the National Employment Service of Mexico, day laborers will be assisted in all their immigration procedures to obtain their passports, work permits, contract with the employer and air tickets.


All the costs of the procedures for the PTAT are covered by the National Employment Service of Mexico.

What Employers Offer

For their part, employers must offer farm workers a minimum of 250 hours of work in a period of 8 weeks or less. Workers will remain in Canada for periods of 4 to 8 months.​

How To Ask For Support To Be Part Of This Temporary Work Program

If you require assistance to apply for this program, please contact the Mexican Ministry of Labor at the following link.

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