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Como ejercer su profesion en Canada y revalidar sus estudios.png

How Can You Practice Your Profession In Canada?

Many people have written to us asking how they can practice their profession in Canada and how to revalidate their studies in Canada.

In Canada there are areas considered to be regulated and others considered to be unregulated. Most trades and technical careers (eg hairstylist or mechanic) are not highly regulated, which means that most people can work in their area without problems.

However, most of the professions related to health, primary/secondary education, architecture and law are classified as highly regulated, which means that once in Canada, the candidate will have to contact the regulatory agency. of your profession, in order to determine what is required to be able to legally practice your profession in Canada.

If your profession is considered highly regulated, you have the option of inquiring with your profession's regulatory agency at one of the links below to determine how to obtain the required certification, or simply seek employment at a lower level or, in another work area.

Finally, there are areas that are much less regulated, such is the case of engineering and accounting. These professionals will be able to work in their area at a professional level (if they obtain the required certification), however, the easiest and most advisable thing for them would be to get a job at a lower level while they look for a way to legally practice their profession at a professional level.

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