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How to Apply For Asylum in Canada For Indians?

Updated: Jan 27

If you are from India, please fill out the evaluation form by clicking here

If you plan to start an asylum application in Canada, we strongly recommend hiring an intermediary or consultancy office to receive professional support.

The reason is because this process is quite perplexing and requires the applicant to receive counseling in order to present a well-constructed and credibly substantiated application.

Although many people prefer to start seeking advice after having traveled to Canada, we strongly recommend that it is more advisable to seek advice before entering the country, so that when the application is presented at the point of entry of the country, the applicant already has a reason well established. elaborate and solid.

If you require professional assistance to request refuge in Canada, we kindly ask you to write to us by filling out the following form so that we can send you more information, please fill out this questionnaire.

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