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Motives And Reasons For Requesting Refuge or Asylum in Canada

At La Casita, many people have written to us asking what are the most recommended motives or reasons for seeking refuge or asylum in Canada.

Before answering this question, please note that only 20/100 of refugee applications end up being approved because most applicants have reasons that are not very feasible, such as:

  • Lack of opportunities and work in their own countries

  • Having problems with a former employer

  • Discrimination for being part of the LLGBT community

  • Having death threats from a former partner

  • Having lost a relative or friend because he/she was killed

  • Being the victim of an assassination attempt

  • Receiving death threats from an individual or individuals due to an extortion attempt or other similar factor

  • Having been a victim of kidnapping or having been violently assaulted

  • Being displaced due to an armed conflict or organized crime (very common reasons for Colombians)​


These types of grounds are simply not feasible and those who use them risk being rejected, even after the appeals process. If you want to have a working motif, we recommend seeking professional support.


All the clients we refer travel to Canada with a good reason and 80/100 of them end up being accepted, so we recommend that you seek legal advice so that you have feasible and solid arguments.


Think about it, you will spend money, time, energy and you will put all your expectations on this project, so do you think it is worth coming to Canada with a reason with little chance of approval? And then what? Will you return to your country to start from scratch?

Support to have a good reason

If you require support to have a good reason to request refuge in Canada, please fill out this questionnaire so that we can provide you with the information of a trusted certified advisor who can provide you with the support you require.

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