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Free Evaluation To Travel To Canada

Refugee application in Canada? If this is what you are looking for? We can assist you in your asylum application to Canada.

La Casita is a non-profit Hispanic organization dedicated to providing free support individuals within Canada and abroad seeking clear information. Especially towards those individuals who plan to travel to Canada for one of the following purposes:

  1. Visit

  2. transit

  3. Study

  4. Immigrate temporarily or permanently

  5. Apply for asylum or refuge in Canada

  6. Request asylum in Canada at the United States (USA) border

  7. Sponsor your partner or family member


Likewise, we have a new accompaniment program aimed at those people who want, once they have arrived in Canada, support from a free guide and translator to go to various trips and errands such as looking for a home or government shelter and apply for public services that Canada offers.

Each process to travel to Canada has its own requirements. For example, the requirements for those who want to go as a tourist are different from those who want to study or emigrate permanently.

If you are planning to come to Canada in the near future and would like us to do a free profile evaluation, please complete the questionnaire below so that we can thoroughly evaluate your profile.

Free Evaluation Form For Canada

Thanks for writing to us!

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